What's this Zazz thing?

As Australia's original and first one day seller, we've been fighting the good fight for the past 6 years, combating the the tyranny of retail monopolies by providing amazing bargains to people across the country. 
We have lots of products but each of them are only available for one day!
We can offer amazing prices because of the power of the amazing Zazz community. Regular as clockwork, at midnight each night, four or five new deals fire themselves from our servers into your eyeballs through the power of the internet. And they're available for one day or until sold out (whichever comes first)
We've had some amazing specials lately, feast your eyeballs on these goodies:
We also do free stuff on a regular basis... Most of the time you have to pay for the shipping (we're nice, but we're not crazy) but we do the odd sale where it's absolutely, no strings attached, completely 100% free. You need to keep an eye on the website for these freebies becasue they tend to go quickly (I wonder why?). Your best bet is to sign up to our daily newsletter and you'll find out about each great deal as it happens.
Here is an example of some incredible freebies we've had recently:
You're probably wondering how it all works. We have four or five products per day - One product takes up most of the page, but you can easily see any of the other products by clicking on them on the left hand side.
As soon as something takes your fancy just click the giant yellow “Gimme, Gimme” button and it'll be added to your shopping cart.
Here's a break down of how our site works:
So, there you have it. That's us... If you have any further questions, try our WTF? page, or get in touch with us and we'll do our best to help you.