Sofa Caddy

The adjustable organiser that sits on your sofa!

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This thingy was sold on

Tuesday, 8 October, 2013

and is no longer able to be purchased

This thingy is sold out and no longer available. Sorry if you missed out! We are unsure if/when this will be back.
  • 6 large pockets
  • Adjustable size... Fits any sofa!
  • Table top design, perfect for drinks and snacks
  • As seen on TV!
  • 2 great colours
  • Large 18" x 7" flat surface

Don't leave your stuff scattered around to get lost or damaged, keep it safe and within arms reach in one of the 6 big pockets. It's even got a stable space in the middle for all your drinks and snacks!

Product specifications
  • Approximately 30 cm x 20 cm when folded
  • Approximately 30 cm x 52 cm when stretched open
  • Approximately 30 cm x 18 cm for top tray area
  • Tough non-woven fabric
  • 6 pockets
  • 230 grams
  • Choose between black or blue at checkout.


12 months from Zazz



This product requires extra lead time and is expected to leave our warehouse within 5 business days of purchase

Product overview

Out of all the unions you could possibly go head to head with, the Circus Midget and Miscellaneous Trained Performance Animals 402 would have to be the one of scariest.

Forget Painters and Dockers, those guys seem like fairy floss salesmen compared to the type of intimidation a juggling midget in clown make-up can dish out.

So you might think it's a good idea to have like maybe a small trained pony sit in your lounge room holding your drinks, or some kind of scenario involving trained poodles gripping stuff in their mouths, but if you underpay the unionised midget who's holding your spag-bog on his noggin, you best hide those long balloons you've been saving in a really safe place, 'cause it'd be a real shame if someone was to, I don't know, bend them? Into the shape of a raised middle finger perhaps?

If they can shoot themselves out of cannons, what do think they could shoot you out of?

Or into?

Would you know if it was the pizza guy at the door, or two angry midgets standing on each others shoulders wearing one coat?


Don't take the chance...

Just buy one of these adjustable Sofa Caddies instead... They've got six big pockets to hold all your stuff and sweet flat surface for all your drinks and snacks.

And then you'll never have to find out what "Circus Level Midget Clown Electrical Nipple Burns" actually are.

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