Ab Twister Workout Fitness Machine

Burn fat, trim and sculpt your body like never before

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Monday, 11 June, 2012

and is no longer able to be purchased

This thingy is sold out and no longer available. Sorry if you missed out! We are unsure if/when this will be back.
  • Unique bi-directional stepping and twisting motion gets impressive resutls quickly
  • Tighten and exercise up to 20 different core muscles 
  • Personal Training Computer allows you to track your progress
  • Includes 2 DVDs and 2 Diet/Meal planning guides 
Product Specifications
  • Burn Weight Quickly and Easily
  • Unique Bi-directional Stepping Motion for Fast Results
  • Tighten over 20 Different Core Muscles
  • Tone Your Arms, Shoulders, Chest and Back
  • Exercise Inner and Outer Thighs, As Well as Abs and Obliques
  • Adjustable Speed Control
  • Weight Capacity of up to 250 Lbs.
  • Anti-slip Pedals
  • Compact Design
  • Padded Handlebars
  • Digital Training Computer to Monitor Your Workout (Included)
  • User Manual Included
  • Dimension (L x W x H) Package 49cm x 30cm x 59cm approx.
  • Material Steel Construction
  • Maximum Weight: 250 lb.
  • Package Weight:18.5 kg


12 months from Zazz


This product is expected to leave our warehouse within 3 business days of purchase

Product overview

Well they're not quite dirty... but you have been wearing those pants all day. It just doesn't seem right to contaminate the rest of your clean clothes in the drawer with these worn pants. But equally, they're not quite dirty either and you can definitely get at least another days wear out of them. I know right... first world problems.

Luckily Zazz has the solution to your incredibly trivial dilemma. Now you can hoist them over the ergonomic handlebars of your Ab Twister Workout Fitness Machine that you bought in a laughable but naive burst of good intentions from Zazz. We know how it happened... the same way it always happens. You excitedly put together its easy to assemble pieces, read the included literature - the 'Rapid Start' 10 day diet book and the 'Thin, Trim and Tasty' reduced fat and calorie meal plan, you even watched the included DVDs. But that was kind of the beginning of the end - for 3 days you rode it for the first 2 days for half an hour a day. Then you missed a day and made up for it by riding an hour the next day. Then you missed 3 days and the thought of using the Ab Twister for 2 hours was just too daunting, so you did 15 minutes the day after that. And it's been sitting there ever since.


But the Ab Twister isn't just a mute testimony to your sloth and weakness of spirit. The handlebars make an ideal place for your not-quite-clean, not-quite-dirty clothes, a sort of laundry purgatory between the dresser and the washing basket.


With a bi-directional stepping motion that not only moves up and down but also left and right, the Ab Twister is an efficient workout that tightens over 20 different core muscles by combining aerobic exercise with twist for fast weight loss and results. With adjustable speed control it's great for beginners and intermediates alike and even features a personal training computer. But lets get serious - after a couple of weeks all that matters is that the ergonomic handlebars satisfactorily protrude in order that you can drape those wardrobe items currently between washes. Pick up all those not-yet-dirty clothes off the floor - which, lets face it, is the only exercise you're getting today - and put them on the Ab Twister Workout Fitness Machine!


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