iDevice Stand and Charging Dock

Fits, stands and charges your iPad, iPhone or iPod

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This thingy was sold on

Wednesday, 23 May, 2012

and is no longer able to be purchased

This thingy is sold out and no longer available. Sorry if you missed out! We are unsure if/when this will be back.
  • Conveniently docks your iPad, iPhone and iPod
  • Your iDevice sits upright as it syncs or charges
  • Charges from an upright position
  • Convenient audio out port to connect to powered speakers

Product Specifications

  • Quality charger base stand
  • Integrates charging, data sync and music playing functions in one stand (cables not included)
  • Compatible with Apple:
    • iPhone 3G/3GS, 4/4S
    • iPod Nano (2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th 6th, 7th generation)
    • iPod Touch
    • iPod Classic
    • iPad, iPad2 and new iPad
  • Just put your iDevice ad onto the charger stand
  • Charges via standard Apple iPad/Phone/Pod USB charger
  • Constructed from sturdy plastic
  • Rubber base to avoid slipping
  • Size: 90 x 90 x 30 mm
  • Color: White
  • Net weight: 155g


  • 12 months from Zazz


This product is expected to leave our warehouse within 3 business days of purchase

Product overview

So you just spent what, $650 on an iPad? Heck, maybe you just dropped $850 for the generation 3 'New' iPad (whilst we're on that note.. really Apple? REALLY? could you not have just called it the iPad 3?!?!) and yet what do you do when you're trying to watch a movie on the train or play a late night game of Beat Sneak Bandit (keep your mind out of the gutter, it's a real game) and you don't feel like holding it up? You prop it up on the nearest piece of wadded up trash or 3 week old socks that you can find.

THAT'S how you treat your fancy, shmancy high end tablet that does everything? Really, come on... you can do better than that.

That's why you need the 2 in 1 iDevice Stand and Charging Dock for your iPad, iPhone or iPod. So you may dismiss this thing as unnecessary junk (is this your first time here?), but if you're going to spend your hard earned cash on a peripheral it might as well keep your iDevice propped up, secure and charging, and not rested up against a 2 week old Hungry Jacks bag.

But let's not kid ourselves here. You're kind of lazy. That's fine! So are we! There's no judgment here. We're just saying having a thing to prop your device up is probably a better alternative than pushing your arms to the limit trying to hold it over your face in bed.

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