USB Desktop Aquarium

Amazing mini fishtank with running water does the lot

Something smells fishy around here...
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This thingy was sold on

Thursday, 29 March, 2012

and is no longer able to be purchased

This thingy is sold out and no longer available. Sorry if you missed out! We are unsure if/when this will be back.
  • Holds approximately one and a half litres of water
  • A perfect home for any small fish
  • Features LCD alarm clock, date/time, temperature, tranquil nature sounds
  • Includes LED light, USB power connector, decorative rocks and pump
  • Tank and filter run via USB / Clock/Alarm requires 3 x AAA batteries

Product Specifications

  • Low voltage pump for water recirculation and undergravel filtration
  • LCD alarm clock with calendar
  • Temperature display
  • Nature sounds
  • Adjustable overhead LED lighting
  • Color-changing underwater illumination
  • Dual compartment desk organizer
  • White and black pebbles
  • Decorative Plants
  • BYO fish (we're not sending them in the mail for you)
  • Operates via USB power connector
  • Clock, calendar, alarm and temperature features require 3 x AAA batteries (not included)


12 months from Zazz


This product is expected to leave our warehouse within 3 business days of purchase

Product overview

Just when you thought USB gadgets couldn't get more convoluted, Zazz delivers a USB powered aquarium with pen holder, LCD clock and calendar, overhead light and gravel filtration. Perfect for any cubicle dwellers out there, now you can get through the monotony of your existence with ocean views.

The water even recirculates, providing fresh oxygen for your aquatic friends to flourish in the tank. It's just a good thing that fish only have 2 second memories cos in a tank this size, even they might get bored.

So don't think of it as a multifunction alarm clock/stationery holder/lamp/aquarium/thermometer - think of it as a way for you to subvert authority. To stick it to the man. Now you can flaunt the unspoken rules of the office and be the vigilante baddass you've always aspired to be. Now you can bring your pets to work.

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