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PostPosted: Tue Jun 05, 2007 9:00 am  Reply with quote

Poor service at a restaurant is rarely excusable.


It was my sister's birthday yesterday so we all went to the Marine Hotel, a plush beachside restaurant in Melbourne's Southern Brighton suburb.  Admittedly, the food was VERY good - my roasted pork belly was juicy, flavourful and served in large portions, whilst my sister's duck was gently sauted to allow the skin to float atop it, really very well done.  However, the same cannot be said about the service. 


For instance, in my life, I've NEVER been offered my after-dinner coffee whilst the dinner plates and glasses are still on the tables - that's just basic restaurant skills.  Similarly, whilst the food was brought out at roughly the same time, the coffees were so stagnant that half the table was done by the time the other table got theirs. 


And all this would have been excusable had it been a really busy night and they were understaffed, but there was only four tables with people on them out of the thirty or so in the hotel - and there was AT LEAST six waiters and bar staff, many of whom were standing around talking for the majority of the evening.


Anyway, enough of a vent - how about those memory sticks?  We simply can't keep them in stock!  We had a HUGE number, hoping to ride the day out till 5 or 6pm, but once they started going they were gone by midday!  Truly, an exceptional sale on all accounts.




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