Knife Sharpener Chopping Board

A beautiful bamboo chopping board deserves a sharp knife

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  • There's no excuses for blunt knives! They're dangerous and cause many kitchen accidents
  • The Chopping Board with Knife Sharpener means you always have a sharp knife when you cut
  • Clever design for easy access to the sharpener
  • High quality bamboo chopping board to withstand your newly sharp knife

Product Specifications:

  • Bamboo chopping board with knife sharpener built in to the corner
  • Materials: Bamboo chopping board, durable plastic and metallic sharpener
  • Handle for easy movement and storage
  • Dimensions: 38 x 26 x 1.9cm
  • Weight: 1.13kg
  • Note: Bamboo can have a unique odour before initial usage. Please wash thoroughly before use and the odour will cease


12 months from Zazz


This product is expected to leave our warehouse within 3 business days of purchase

Product overview

Over at the Old Money School for the Comfortably Well-Off, the pressure to succeed is overwhelming. I'm not talking about the students - they're too busy putting bubblegum in hair and calling each other rhyming swear-words. No I'm talking about the parents who make the lunches for their kids every school day.

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"I would have to ask the maid" replied Hilda and Archibald in unison.

"You lot need to stop worrying about fancy-pants food and get back to basics" said the new Dad. "A Chopping Board with Knife Sharpener from Zazz will help you sharpen up!"