Navig8r 1080p Sports Cam

Capture every moment of the action in full hands free HD

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  • Full High Definition 1080p recording at 30 frames per second
  • Record all of your epic feats in full HD to show your friends and family
  • Record all of your epic failures in full HD for your friends to post on YouTube
  • Tough polycarbonate housing makes it great for outdoor sports and activities
  • It's waterproof! So take it surfing, kayaking or just to the beach or swimming pool.
  • A remote control is included - So start/stop recording only what you want to record
  • Built-in 2.4" LCD touch screen - easy access to the device settings.
  • Playback your video and review/delete the scenes you don't want.
  • 8 essential accessories included.
  • Sandisk Ultra Micro SD Cards available at checkout

The Navig8r Sports Cam 1080 features Full High Definition (1080p) video recording for capturing high quality images which shows every detail. Connect the camera directly to your TV via HDMI for easy playback of video or photos. Ideal for action sports and outdoor activities, the Navig8r Sports Cam 1080 has a high resolution 2.4" touch screen (to control, view and review), a thin wireless remote control (so you can stop/start when you want), a waterproof housing (great for water sports) and an assortment of mounting accessories. Compact, feature rich and easy to use, the Navig8r Sports Cam 1080 is ideal for capturing those moments on the go.

Product Specifications

  • Image sensor: 5 million pixel (CMOS)
  • Functions: Record Video , Take photos, In-Car Crashcam / Black Box recorder.
  • Camera lens: F3.1 f=2.9mm
  • Zoom: 4 X Digital
  • Shutter: Electronic
  • LCD display screen: 2.4-inch Touch Screen
  • Image resolution:
    • 12M (4000 × 3000)
    • 10M (3648x2736)
    • 8 M (3264x2448)
    • 5M (2560×1920)
  • Video resolution:
    • HD 1280x720 (60 frames/sec)
    • HD 1280x720 (30 frames/sec)
    • FHD 1920x1080 (30 frames/sec)
  • White balance: Automatic
  • Exposure: Automatic
  • File formats:
    • Image JPEG
    • Video AVI H.264
  • Storage: Micro SD card (Up to 32GB)
  • USB interface: High-speed USB 2.0 interface
  • Power Supply: Built-in 3.7V rechargeable lithium
  • Dimension: (length × width × height) 74 x 52 x 33mm
  • Weight: 72 grams


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Product overview

There are gifts for people who have everything, and then there are gifts for people who have everything but a survival instinct. These kinds of people are very much liked here at Zazz. We like to watch them sail into parked cars on their mountain bikes. We like to watch them impersonate their action movie heroes...poorly and painfully.

Call us sadists, or call us netizens - either way we simply can't look away. These guys are capturing the world's attention by putting their bodies on the line in a way that no keyboard warrior would ever dare. All that is left to do is solemnly salute that fella who just arrested his momentum with his groin. Here's to you, sir.

Your concerned, whingy 'safety-conscious' folk are up in arms, of course. Spouting that tired old argument about impressionable YouTube audiences. You know the line:

"Monkey see, monkey do".

And that's why Zazz loves the good people of the internet who are bringing physical therapy back to physical comedy. Our monkeys haven't stopped trying to emulate the antics of humans who missed that day at school when gravity was taught. Fur is flying.

So your safety-mad self-appointed fun police can go jump in a ditch - literally. The only crime here would be for that, and all of these other spectacular spectacles to go un-spectacled, as it were.

So what do you get the person who has everything but a survival instinct? Why, the Navig8r 1080p Sports Cam from Zazz of course. It truly is the gift that keeps on giving.