Card Reader Pen

It reads as well as it writes

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  • Smooth refillable ballpoint pen
  • Twist to retract
  • Unscrews to reveal a USB card reader
  • Soft and satisfyingly thick rubberised grip
  • Reads SD/TF cards as well as Sony Memory Stick & MS Micro
  • Ships in a padded metal gift box

Product Specifications


  • USB 2.0 interface, no driver required
  • Up to 480Mbps transfer rate
  • Compatible with Windows 98 or newer, Linux & Mac OS
  • Chip: GL827L
  • Supports SD specification v2.0
  • Compatible with SD/SDHC/miniSD/TF up to 32GB
  • Compatible with Memory Stick, MS Pro, MS Pro Duo, MS Pro-HG, MS Micro (M2)


  • Ballpoint pen supplied with black ink
  • Refillable with standard ballpoint ink refills 49mm long
  • Twist retraction mechanism
  • Dimensions: HxWxL 147mm x 15mm x 15mm
  • Beautifully tactile 13mm rubber grip


This product is expected to leave our warehouse within 3 business days of purchase

Product overview

I wanted to be an astronaut so bad when I was a kid that when I saw pictures of the moon I'd instantly do the moon-walk. Of course, it was the 80's and Michael Jackson was everywhere, so I got away with it.

As I grew older, however, I discovered that you can't just 'want' to be an astronaut, you have to have 'the right stuff'. I quickly learned that I wasn't going to slip the surly bonds of Earth with just my moon-walkability (if that's not a word then dammit it should be).

But I still loved pictures of space, so I became a photo-journalist for the North Korean *cough* 'space program'.

There's me, taking pictures of a rocket, when Kim Jong Un wanders by. Wants a copy of my pictures for his supreme laptop the interpreter tells me. And I've left my sync cable back in the prison - I mean hotel.

Just as I was about to be strung upside down on the launchpad, I remembered that no half-decent photo-journalist goes anywhere without their Card Reader Pen. Not just for signing autographs, the Card Reader Pen also twists open to reveal a 4 port docking bay for your SD/SDHC/miniSD/TF cards (and more - check the specs!). Within seconds I had popped some happy snaps on Dear Leader's laptop, and it was all smiles.
Little bit cheeky, but I tapped Kimmy on the shoulder and mentioned that seeing as I'd just done him a favour, maybe he'd let me be North Korea's first astronaut.
"You got the right stuff?" he asked.
"Sure Kimmy, with my Card Reader Pen I've always got the write stuff".

Get your Card Reader Pen before it gets too close to T-minus 1 minute...


***When you order the Card Reader Pen it will arrive in a respectfully presented box, just like the box my smouldering remains will be in at the parade of honour.