Sprinkler Head Key Safe

Keep your keys safe in plain sight

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  • The Sprinkler Head Key Safe looks like any normal sprinkler
  • Hide your spare keys inside
  • Hide money or other valuables inside the Sprinkler safe

This Sprinkler Key Hider Safe is the best way to ensure you and your family never get locked out of the house!
There's enough space inside its water tight chamber for several keys (or anything else you want to hide) and easily hides in a garden bed or grass area. Whenever you need to access your valuables just remove the Sprinkler Safe from the ground and screw off the top. It couldn't be easier!

Product Specifications

  • Measures 100mm H x 55mm diameter
  • Looks exactly like an average water sprinkler head
  • Perfect for hiding your spare key
  • Fits into your garden
  • Black colour
  • Screw top lid
  • Water-tight durable plastic construction
  • Chamber can be buried in the grass or the ground


12 months from Zazz


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Product overview

Dogs? They'll sell you out for a handful of beef.

Guards? They can be distracted by funny cat photos downloaded from the internet.

But a safe? A safe can't compromise its duties based on its insatiable appetite or instinct to work as little as possible. Nope a safe will work as hard as it can, each and every time. Even the ones that go for the whole incognito thing rather than the cast iron-need-to-dig-a-subterranean-tunnel-to-get-at-it type. Speaking of which...