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Return Of The Sabre (Blue)
(IWALK-BCC001i5-D) Celebrity Bling Case iPhone 5 (Dandelion)
CoinBuddy Case (Pink)
Multifunction Dynamo Radio Flashlight
Sluban Space-Knight "Hath"
iPhone 5/5s Slim Tough Case (black)
Bin Clips
LED Xmas Tree Candles with Remote
Dual Camera In-Car Crash Cam (DVR)
SanDisk 16GB Cruzer Ultra Fit CZ43 USB 3 Mini Flash Drive
Car Seat Stash Bag (Black)
(iWALK-BCC001i5-C) Celebrity Bling Case iPhone 5 (Cosmos)
5M LED Light Strip (UV Blacklight)
Conair Women's 5 Piece Grooming Set
Kitchen Scrap Trap (Blue)
The Barbeque Beast Steam Grill Brush
Smartphone Holder with FM Transmitter
Better Boot Organiser Cooler (Red)
OTG Hub Stand & Card Reader (White)

Shipping: This product requires extra lead time and is expected to leave our warehouse within 5 business days of purchase

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Zazzmania #18!

You may be wondering what Zazzmania is, and why it is so awesome...


Basically, it's a short term frenzied mutation of our product posting procedure. For a full weekend, we have a host of Zazz products at insane prices and instead of a handful of products available for just one day, there a dozen products available for a maximum of 12 minutes or until they sell out.


When one product sells out, or reaches the time limit another one pops up to replace it. Bear in mind though, once a product is sold out you won't have a chance to order it again, so be ready to pull the trigger when you see something you think you maybe possibly like the look of. This madness will go on for 48 hours so make sure you have your caffiene at the ready.


Because anything and everything can be on Zazzmania, there may be products which have an extremely limited quantity. Things can change quickly so make sure you refresh the page often.


Remember, the one day (possibly one hour, or even one minute), one chance mantra still applies to Zazzmania. If you miss an item it's goneburger, the system is completely automated and we can't bring back a product no matter how much you beg or plead. However, items which reach the time limit may reappear throughout the day. Who knows? It's a guessing game... did it sell out or time out? It's all part of the fun of Zazzmania.


There is free shipping throughout Zazzmania, so make as many orders as you need because if a product is sold out or expires before you check out, you miss out.


Also, Zazzmania is a busy time for our poor server and sometimes it takes him a while to spin up a clone when there is a spike in traffic meaning he just can't handle your request properly. Be patient, read any error messages you receive as they will ultimately explain what you need to do.


A small disclaimer: while we did our best to check every product some stuff is always added at the last minute because that's how our boss rolls. The title of the product will ultimately tell you what to expect (2 pack, 4 pack etc), we may have missed a reference deep in the specifications or on one of the images which alludes to a pack. There are also no choices at checkout for Zazzmania, colours are random and anything telling you to choose at checkout is a lie. We apologize in advance.


That's it! If you have any product related questions you'll probably find you're out of luck. By the time we reply the product will most likely be gone.


Good luck! We hope you have a happy Zazzmania!